Weekend Wedding Planning: The Shoes

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My wedding shoes are giving me a bit of a dilemma. I keep finding styles I like and then thinking "oh but will these work outdoors?" A lot of heel styles will sink into the ground so I need to look for flats or wedges, but I'm not finding a lot of "bridal" feeling flats and wedges. The ones I tend to like are simple, elegant and a little sparkly. I actually think blue shoes would be very fun, even if I don't follow all the traditions of the day they can be my "something blue" but I haven't found many bridal-looking blue shoes either...And since I haven't decided on a dress I might want to put off picking a shoe until I know my exact dress, but I know I need to have it figured out by the time I do a dress fitting so the skirt length will coordinate with whatever heel height I decide on and I do know what style dress I want so I can discern what sort of shoes would coordinate. Anyway, as you can see I just keep going in circles. When I want to be decisive I end up being wishy-washy. In my defense I will say I haven't found a shoe I really love yet; I haven't seen something that I immediately think "I need to have that" and envision myself wearing it on my wedding day. So perhaps it's just a hunt right now for that glass slipper...
Everyone's been really helpful with advice on wedding checklists and such, so does anyone have a tip on where to find practical and pretty outdoor wedding shoes? Or flats that look appropriately bridal?

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