Burger Queen

I try to cook most of my meals at home because it's cheaper and more healthy, but man do I love my junk food. I only get a burger and fries maybe once a week, but they taste so good! My friends tease me because I'd usually rather eat at Burger King than a fancy restaurant, but I'm addicted to their fries. Ironically as a child I rarely ate fast food. My sisters and I used to see McDonalds' ads on the television and we'd beg our parents to take us but they always refused. Eventually one day they gave in and we got our much coveted Happy Meals and we actually hated them! My tastebuds have definitely changed since then and probably not for the better. Anyway, I was this close to buying a purse in the shape of fries but ultimately resisted because the shape was too similar to my popcorn purse. Still even with that minor resistance I have amassed a small collection of junk food related clothing...

Outfit details:
vintage cardigan
Choies purse  (old)

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