Weekend Wedding Planning: Wet Wedding

Every time I tell someone I'm having an outdoor wedding in Northern Ireland their response is, "and what is plan b?" I've always had my heart set on an outdoor wedding and Thomas really wants one too, so ideally we will get what we want. However we are both realistic and know that rain is a possibility especially in Ireland. Thankfully Parkanaur only books one wedding a day and we have access to the full grounds--so if we have to move inside we can. Still, some other ideas are renting a tent and having a few wet weather accessories on hand. There are a variety of elegant umbrella options and wellies wouldn't be the worst shoe in the world, no? After all, I can switch back into heels as soon as the pictures are over and I'm only wearing the dress once so who really cares if it gets a little wet?
Anyone have a fun rainy wedding story or suggestions for if it rains?

pics 12 / 3 / 4 / 5

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