Weekend Wedding Planning: The Hair

*Nancy Beaton as a shooting star & bridal star tiara by Erica Elizabeth design
In all my wedding research I've been stumbling across a variety of bridal crowns and hair accessories that are giving me heart eyes for days. What other day in your life do you have an excuse to wear a star-splanged crown? I don't see myself in a veil, but rather with my hair down and wavy with some sort of hair accessory to set it apart. I quite like the look of something sparkly or even a rough-cut crystal crown (very elemental and suiting an outdoor wedding), but in the end, I think I'll go for something simpler--I love the relaxed quality of something rustic and natural like a flower crown. For my wedding I'm thinking a simple design like a dried baby's breath crown; understated and a perfect compliment to a romantic dress, no? I wonder though, could I also convince my bridesmaids to wear similar headgear? I'm usually the only one in my crowd wearing a flower crown...

*Elemental Child crown, Hushed Commotion accessory, Folk wedding, & Violette&Iris baby's breath crown

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