Tom the Dog

Thomas's family has a blind cat named Timmy who has appeared on my Instagram a number of times. Interestingly enough my parents have a deaf dog named Tom who has become a model for me recently (he's so patient!). I feel as if these two animals should team up for a comic--like some sort of "pet detective" series although I'm not sure how a blind cat and deaf dog would communicate... Anyway, back to Tom! He's a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and if not for his strange health issues, he might have been a show dog. He's only four years old so when he went deaf last year it was a complete surprise. He doesn't seem affected by his deafness at all; the only real change has been when you try to get him to come inside from the yard you have to go outside and wave your arms around until he notices you. Tom loves attention and is a very patient model, so I've been posing him with some funny accessories and practicing Typography by adding fun quotes to the pictures. Pics via my Instagram.

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