Weekend Wedding Planning: The Dress

To me, picking the dress is both the most fun and most stressful part of wedding planning. It's tricky to balance the practical (you're only going to wear it once don't throw away money) with the whole wedding dream. It's a day you'll always remember and you want to be a vision when you walk down the aisle. Wedding dresses aren't for the practical and every day, but a life-changing occasion. Since I've been very inspired by the Pre-Raphelites for a number of years my dream dress features a lot of grecian draping and soft, romantic lines. I'd like to look like a Waterhouse muse walking through the forest with flowers in my hair...
Ultimately, I'm waiting until I have a chance to try on dresses with my mother before I completely fixate on a style and silhouette because I want to take what flatters me into consideration. White or ivory? Sweetheart neckline or sleeves? I feel like some things you need to see on your body before you decide.

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