Mirai Chan

I'm not usually a sucker for photographs of children, or really children in general! Sure I've known a some nice kids, but I'm just not that girl who sees a baby or cute kid and starts going "awww." However, some children just have an amazing presence that seems to grip you with near star-like quality; the adorable Mirai-chan is one of those children.
The chubby cheeked Japanese four year old was photographed for one year by Kawashima Kotori who published the series in a book. The four year old was given the pseudonym Mirai-chan ("Mirai" meaning future in Japanese) and has since gone on to win the hearts of people all over the world. The series functions as documentation on one hand as we witness her in candid moments with food on her face or laughter bursting from her lips and even tears welling in her eyes. The photographer, Kotori, however views his series as conceptual; in renaming the girl he uses her to represent all that is lovable in human nature. Although Japanese and recorded on the island of Sado her winning spirit is universal--showing the best of human kind and what we have in common.

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