Forever 21 Pre-Fall Part II

outfit details: F21 giraffe earrings, long cardigan, plaid dress, and mustard cross-body
Here's another pre-fall outfit I put together with Forever 21. Ideally I'd wear this with patterned tights and my favorite boots but it's warm and I'm living out of a suitcase so my usual white sandals and bare legs will have to suffice. I'm feeling a little Clueless-version-schoogirl inspired in this outfit which is probably because thinking of fall still makes me think of school. One of my worst reoccurring dreams is that I'm in class and I have to give a presentation or take a test and I'm not prepared at all. Ironically I was a good student and I can't ever recall being unprepared for a test. I wonder how long you have to be graduated before it stops haunting you--or am I alone? Does anyone else share this nightmare?

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