Smile Brilliant Review

I'm pretty happy with my smile--my teeth aren't Hollywood perfect but they're decent enough to show and I only have my own Coca-Cola addiction to blame for the staining. Still when Smile Brilliant approached me with the offer of a free teeth whitening kit in exchange for a review, I was quite happy to say "yes."
The process: You start by making custom teeth molds with Smile Brilliant. Once those have arrived you can get to whitening. First you brush and floss your teeth, then put a de-sensitizing gel in your molds and insert them in your mouth. I left mine in for 30 minutes. Following that you clean your molds and teeth again then put your whitening gel in your molds. Insert the teeth molds and leave in for awhile. I left mine in for 45 minutes.
My review: The results aren't very dramatic. I think I see a difference, but Thomas can't see one at all. It is however only one treatment and there are more in the program to go through (I just wanted to photograph it in identical light to get the clearest comparison). On the plus side I don't really have any sensitivity and the program is very easy to follow.

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