Blog Birthday Flashback

Here's a little flashback courtesy of my archives. Since I began blogging in 2007 and have averaged nearly 5 outfits a week since then there's a lot of material to sift through when I contemplate re-caps. I get overwhelmed trying to properly recap one year let alone seven years. This week instead of failing to accurately summarize seven years of my life or even this wonderful past year I decided to just feature some "flashback" looks from my first year of blogging. In my first year of blogging I was shooting by myself with a Canon Powershot, I occasionally had a tripod and balanced my camera on nearby objects when the tripod wasn't around. I wore glasses nearly every day and was just starting to figure out my style. I was studying business, working part-time as a cashier, and spending too many of my nights awake at 2am reading style blogs...

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