Fruit Nail Stickers

Tools: nail sticker set in fruit, clear nail polish
It's summer and I've been eating a lot of fruit; like a homemade smoothie containing whatever fresh fruit I have around, every day. It's only natural that my fruit obsession should extend itself stylistically, especially when I spied these cute nail stickers at Modcloth. Applying them is pretty easy and there are instructions on the box: stick the nail on, file off the excess, and throw a couple of coats of clear polish on top to keep it all in place. I've only used one set of nail stickers before, but these are a bit thinner than my first pair so I'm a little worried about their durability. Still, for the cute factor I don't regret getting them and I'll probably just keep adding clear polish whenever they look like they're ready to peel. The set comes with 16 different stickers, so you have some options about what to apply and some leftover styles for another manicure another day.

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