Let's Swap Home Goods Via Swapdom

I've talked about Swapdom in the past, but the site originally intended for women to trade clothes has expanded into offering swaps for children's clothes and most recently home goods. The principle is the same: you create an account, like items that you would be interested in getting, upload some pictures of pieces you're willing to get rid of, and the site organizes a swap for you. Usually it's not a direct exchange, but rather three or four people swapping in all directions--the site makes it easy so in the end everyone can get what they want. The new home section encourages people to swap their home decor, craft goodies, garden supplies, kitchen tools, and even pet accessories. I'm offering up some of my mustache hangers that aren't getting used, as well as my moon rug (which I love, but just doesn't go in my room) and a few other pieces it's probably time to let go of.  I've swapped clothes through Swapdom in the past and it was a easy, fun experience so I'm pretty interested to see what hidden gems I can find this time to replace my less-loved pieces. 

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