Green Accordion

Summer for me is all about the denim jacket; I might switch things up with a cardigan or some other light layer, but pretty much every day the piece I want to layer with is my denim jacket. I've toyed with the idea of adding patches or drawing on it to make it more personal, but ultimately I like it as a clean slate too much. Some outfits would look cool with patches, but other ones I want to look preppy-et. This summer my focus on temporary personalization has me on the hunt for cool brooches. They're the perfect finishing touch to my denim jacket--one brooch adds sparkle, another geek cred, and they all can be removed at the end of the day. Right now I have my eye on these incredible handmade felt brooches by Green Accordion. The name comes from the maker's first felt creation, a green accordion, but I'm more drawn to her incredible typewriters and retro cameras. She's unfortunately on vacation right now, but I added her shop to my Etsy favorites and I'm quietly anticipating her return so I can snag one. 

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