Twenty-Somethings Swap Clothes With Their Grandparents

Okay first off, I find the term "twenty-somethings" so strange. I feel like it's only our modern culture that could be so focused on age and a very specific age range as to give a ten year span a special name--like you're not a teen, but young adult isn't a good enough term? I don't get it. Anyway all of this is beside the point for these photographs which feature "hip twenty-somethings swapping clothes with their grandparents" or so the press release states; the actual title of the season by photographer Qozop is "Spring-Autumn." I won't comment on their hipness, except to say it seems to me that the grandparents are the rad ones for putting up with these hijinks. In the end the photographs are an interesting commentary on age, style, and juxtaposition. 

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