Red All Over

products clockwise from left: ruby keyhole dress, heart brooch, heart umbrella, vintage mirror set, and Sephora celestials nail polish
With Valentine's Day upon us everyone seems "in the mood for love" and I for one enjoy the holiday as an excuse to collect objects in my favorite color to wear: red. Red's such a power color; so often we shy away from wearing it because it's a bit bold, but just think how beautiful and dramatic it always appears on a movie screen when our heroine dons that shade. One of my favorite movie red dresses is a simple wrap dress and matching cardigan worn by Eva Green in the end of Casino Royale--it's an ordinary enough outfit that it looks suitable for daywear as she traipses around Venice, but it's also a total head-turner and you can't take your eyes off her in that dress. Basically with every red dress I buy I'm trying to become that sort of a head-turner…but I'd also like some matte glitter red nails and even a set of mirrors to add pops of color to my bedroom.

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