Pickwick & Weller: Be A Stylist

Pickwick & Weller is a sweet new tee shirt company that offers high quality tee shirts made in the US at a reasonable price point. Basically boutique quality tees without the sticker shock. Even better right now they're running a  Be A Stylist initiative that rewards customers whenever they share their style. With three easy steps (pick a tee, style it, share on Instagram with the hashtag #BeAStylist) customers can receive an automatic refund of $15--which means you basically received your tee at cost. I'm craving more casual styles this spring (and also spring itself) so I can't wait to get my own tee; additionally I think it's neat how they offer different style options like a basic scoop neck in classic fit, long fit, and boyfriend fit. Sort of like the Goldilocks of tees where you can find one that fits just right.
Find out more about the Pickwick & Weller Be A Stylist Program in the video below or checking out their site here.

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