My Favorite Reds

Classic red nails and a bold red lip are my beauty go-tos. My favorite lipstick is Clinique's Long Last lipstick in "Red Red Red." Funny story: my Dad went to the store to pick some up for me once and asked the woman at the counter if they had Clinique "Red Red Red." The woman thought he was just a sort of clueless man wandering around the makeup counters wanting "very red" lipstick and didn't understand he knew the name of the lipstick and the name was "Red Red Red." It took awhile to convince her that no, he did know what he was looking for, his daughter have given him the name very specifically, but eventually they found the right one. The name is setting people up for a funny mix-up! Anyway, for nail polish I like Sally Hansen's All Fired Up.
P.S. I'm wearing this top from Asian iCandy, this Toujours Toi unicorn ring, and a straw boater from UO that's a few years old.

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