We Are The People

Can't get enough of these bold and beautiful illustrations by Jamilla Okubo titled "We The People of  The Diaspora." In the artist's own words, "The series began as an exploration of myself, my background, culture, heritage, and history. As an African-American/Kenyan artist, I grew up dealing with a lot of conflict, trying to understand where I came from, and who I am to the world today as I have grown older. I began the project with creating three Kanga inspired prints, showcasing my stages of exploration of black culture. The Kanga, a traditional fabric from East Africa, is a printed fabric that shares knowledge, symbolic scriptures, and it often represents a sign of the times. I decided to create my own prints using the style elements of the kanga, sharing my knowledge from this exploration. This project was a documentation of the beginning of my journey, exploring black culture and history. It is a representation of what I grew up learning, what I have learned from others, and on my own. The vibrant illustrations are a representation of how I feel about my culture and people."

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