The study of swarm intelligence continues to fascinate scientific groups fascinated with the way independent elements behaving as groups. This area of study has also caught the attention of artists, such as photographer Thomas Jackson. In his series Emergent Behavior, Jackson turns every day objects into swarms that mimic natural formations. Even more fascinating is his dedication to re-creating his personal swarms in life and photographing the objects in unlikely environments--meaning these pictures are painstakingly created in person rather than digital manipulations. Working with natural winds and locations is shaping his work as you see varied shapes and entirely different impressions from wooded setting to mountain-top expanses. My favorites are his very organic swarms of leaves that you can observe on a blustery autumn day and his glow-sticks exploding like some bomb in a cartoon.
Also check out his robot series which depicts a lonely robot in a series of domestic scenes that definitely brings humanity to machines.

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