Monsters Zine Issue One

Just before Christmas, my co-conspirator Jon and I received our first zine. As I've mentioned before, I've wanted to make a zine since I was in high school but plans always fell apart. However with my new pattern of drawing monsters nearly every day and my frequent re-watches of The X-Files I realized I had the perfect concept for a zine. I actually have ideas for many zines; a different monster theme for each one, the possibilities are nearly endless! But this is Issue One, a general look at monsters with a fun mix of old newspaper clippings, statistics, artwork, stories, and an essay on why we create monsters. Anyway, if you're intrigued you can purchase your copy here. Hoping to break even and invest any profits into the next issue! We're also accepting contributors, so anyone with some monster art that wants to submit can e-mail me.

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