Designing A Dream Purse With Wink & Winn

I recently received an invitation from Wink & Winn to design my own handbag, like many women this was a rather dream invitation and I definitely couldn't pass it up. To start off they sent me an introduction box with samples of their fabrics and even an example purse. The purse is a triple pouched beauty in three different fabrics; they work as one purse but can be snapped apart, which strikes me as a perfect for traveling.
So, now I'm taking the first steps; figuring out how Wink & Winn works:
-you start by choosing your purse shape from nearly a dozen options
-then you choose fabrics and hardware--you can mix in match nearly every panel, have different colored straps, etc
-your final personalized options are to add custom luggage tags or emboss your name
-once everything is decided they offer free shipping
It's actually a bit overwhelming to be able to decide everything from scratch--I often think when I'm shopping for a new purse "I wish this was a little bigger" or "I'd like it more in another color," but I've never spent that much time deciding what my dream purse would look like…it's going to be fun to find out! I'll keep you posted when I've settled on a design and have it in my hands, right now I'm leaning towards the "mini duffle," but completely indecisive about color: do I go practical or creative? Do you know what your dream purse would look like?

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