A-Z Unusual Words

Biblioclasm: the practice of destroying, often ceremoniously, books or other written material and media.
Fanfaronade: swaggering; empty boasting; blustering manner or behavior; ostentatious display.
Infandous: unspeakable or too odious to be expressed or mentioned.
Jettatura: the casting of an evil eye.
Montivagant: wandering over hills and mountains.
Ostentiferous: bringing omens or unnatural or supernatural manifestations.
Recumbentibus: a knockout punch, either verbal or physical.
Scripturient: possessing a violent desire to write.
Zugzwang: a position in which any decision or move will result in problems.

I really dig these bold graphics representing an a to z collection of rare and lost words by The Project Twins, an artist duo from Ireland. The images illustrate the meanings behind the words in a clear, colorful way. The list appeals to both my nerdy side and my taste in aesthetics; exactly the sort of work I'd long to frame and hang on my walls. Also, new favorite word: recumbentibus, no I just have to figure out a way to work it into everyday conversation. 

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