Dream Zine Complete

I've been dreaming of my own zine since high school, but lack of direction and creative collaborators always made my plans fall apart before they could be fully conceived. Things changed this summer as I started sharing some of my ideas with a friend and now I'm excited to say my first zine is nearly at completion. We completed the rough cut and now we're waiting on some local printers to receive the limited run of 100 we ordered. Once the finished zine is in my hands there will be further updates and details of the contents, but for now you can preorder your very own Monsters Zine Issue 1 here. It's $12 with shipping included within the US and preorders will ship on December 20th. The zine is more than twenty pages of original artwork, stories, and even an essay exploring the origins of monsters myths. I really love how it's this big mix of interesting facts, cute illustrations, and entertaining anecdotes all tied together by the theme of monsters. More details to follow!

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