Want To Swap Closets?

After being the youngest child and frequent receiver of hand-me-downs I have become the primary hand-me-down-er to my sisters and friends. Before bagging up things for thrift shops or even selecting pieces to sell I usually pull aside things from my wardrobe that haven't been worn in months or the fit is just slightly off with and offer them to my friends or mail a small package to my sister--they just don't like to shop for clothes as much as I do! It's a good deal for them and a good way to clean out my closet, but as a clothes horse (ahem) I wouldn't mind some new pieces in exchange.
Luckily now there is Swapdom. Clothing swaps are usually organized among friends; you have to be local and you hope that your friends are around the same size with similar styles and that reasonably nice pieces are brought. It's a bit limited. Swapdom starts at the same idea: instead of shopping let's trade one item of clothing for another item, but instead of being limited to your friends you are now connected to a larger community and the site organizes everything for you. Request items you're interested in, tell Swapdom what you'll offer in exchange, and then relax as the size organizes multi-person swaps for you. In the end all you have to do is pay postage on any items you receive in your swap.
The site is still in beta mode, so if you want to join bypass the waist list by using this link--and if you upload three items to start you can get free shipping on your first swap. While I'm not ready to swap my whole closet with someone I have already listed a few pieces from my closet (like the dress above) and I'm excited to find something new and interesting to replace them with!

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