Pretty In Pink

Something about the "back to school" feeling that it is in the air whether or not you go back to school (I blame advertising) makes me feel like watching 80s teen movies and when it comes to 80s teen movies you can't beat Molly Ringwald. Pretty In Pink is one of Ringwald's classic movies. Some might argue that Breakfast Club is perhaps more timeless, but at the end of the day we don't usually watch movies based on impersonal qualities but rather because they make us feel something. This is the movie I remember watching when I was younger. I remember Annie Potts's character's various amazing costumes and feeling a little sick to my stomach when Ringwald chopped up a gorgeous vintage dress (it still hurts to watch) and I still admire Ducky's lip-synching skills in one of his scene-stealing moments. In truth, despite being a classic Ringwald movie this one is all about the side characters for me and I just can't get enough...

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