Juvenile Dressing

The 1950s saw the rise of teenage culture around the world as the schism between the ages grew. By the 1960s the teenage influence was evident in everything from music, advertisements, and yes, fashion. Most notable is the idea that to be stylish was no longer to look like your mother, but to look young and hip. Juvenile fashions we now sneer at were all the rage and not read as "juvenile." Adult women wore bows in their hair and sported dangerously short mini skirts. Of course, there were other trends and styles in the 1960s, but my point is: the appropriateness of women dressing "young." Why do I bring this up? My own desire to reference more 1960s looks in my wardrobe from bow headbands, to exaggerated eyelashes, and peter pan collars. However, at twenty-six I'm often told that I should be dressing more mature (whatever that means) and people seem to forget that what we read as young is decided by current culture and trends and shifts generationally. Anyway, I'm quite inspired by these photographs from Vogue Australia May 2013 by Sebastian Kim, featuring Edie Campbell. 

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